Hey team xoNecole, 

I'm B. Bad, a self actualization content creator, and I would love to partner with you for an actionable

video series, focusing on debunking the myths, that hustle culture brings about. While also, sharing tips

on how to then, shift from hustling to aligning. 


In the Black community, we have stretched our definition of hustle, to include the physical experience of

hustling. Programming our brains, to think that if we aren't overworked or sleep deprived, then we aren't

hustling, or hustlers. Or, if something comes too easily, then maybe it isn't worth having at all. When in reality,

alignment brings about a sense of ease, that allows for you to easily attract, and manifest what you desire. 


With Black femmes being the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs, bag culture being at peak influence, and the passing of Nipsey, denoting a shift in building Black. It's important now more than ever, to get real about how hustle culture, is hustling us, out of our ability to live whole, and balanced lives. 


This four part video series, will introduce each hustler's myth through a pop culture reference (i.e. "team no sleep," or "the money is the motive"). From there, I will debunk the myth, by noting why it is counterproductive to our well being. While leaving viewers with a tip, on how to actionably shift their perspective, towards purpose, abundance and alignment.


You can learn more about me here, and check out my media kit, here. I also put together a reel of gems from an upcoming video series for your reference, here. If you are interested in working with me on the Hustler's Mythtality video series, I will be in Atlanta from May 15-21, and available to shoot. I look forward to potentially working with you, and I thank you for your time! 


Love &  Light,