I want you to acknowledge and sit in the full understanding, that this will be your best year yet. As it is the first one, that is untouched by outer thoughts and expectations. This is the first year that you're doing completely for you, and your way. You've been yearning your whole life to create, and live by your own rules. Sit in this moment. Realize all it has taken to get here. All that had to die off within and around you, for you to feel this light. For you to feel this free. Also note your role in this process of evolution. Even though you were in a constant space of discomfort, you pushed through to get to this moment. The time has finally come, for you to spread your light on the world. For you to take your thinking, innovation and vision to the next next level. I couldn't be more proud of you, you deserve all that is to come. 




 I had some moments last year, that forced me to realize how much I've neglected you. I've never appreciated fully, nor understood the many ways, you've held me down. Especially during the times where I didn't consider you at all. This year, I vow to center you. To be more conscious of what I'm putting both in and on you. To fall in love with you, as you continue to transform, and continue to block out, the outer voice throughout this transformation. You deserve to be healthier, to feel stronger, to feel and be loved. You deserve all the compassion that I've funneled into my work. You deserve the compassion, that I give away so easily and freely to others. This year, I will profess and practice, my undying love and gratitude for you. 


This is the year I give birth to my soul's work. A revolutionary idea that I've been sitting on for the past two years. Shaping and molding her, to be all that we need her to be. To serve as a solution at the root of so many issues. To my unborn project, I am so incredibly excited to unveil you, and I'm beyond proud of who you have morphed into. However, I'm most looking forward to how many you have the ability to impact. When considering widespread change, I believe that you could be it. I thank you for finding me, and for believe in me to see you through!  


This year, I vow to sharpen you. Each day you wow me with you ability to see things objectively, dig to the root, unpack, see from all perspectives, and strategize. You are what I love most about being me. You are an innovator, and a visionary, and I can't wait until you have the free range, to exercise all of your pie in the sky dreams and ideas. In the meantime though, I promise to feed you, with books upon books, upon knowledge, upon creative stimuli, upon everything you need to perform and stay inspired. I vow to continue to expand you, and to forever remain a student of life. 



For all of this and more, I love you unconditionally, and vow to center you, and show you just how much this year. Welcome to the year of you!


Love & Light, 



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