For the past year or so, I've felt like I've been living my life in a cycle of constant resistance. Resistance to my progress from outside factors. Resistance to my alignment, by ignoring my intuition, and resistance from the universe, forewarning me about misalignment.   


This made me realize that resistance became a survival tactic. A way for me to stay sane or keep my head above water. I remember thinking in certain moments, that "this shit can't be this hard." Looking back on it, while I was dealt some wild blows, many of them, to my previous point, were warnings. I'd tend to jump the gun, or simply do things the way that I wanted to do them, and most importantly when, I wanted to do them. Without regard for what I knew deep down to be true. I've always been a rebel, but to rebel against self is senseless. 


Which made me realize, what was actually holding me back, and what I needed, to make the final changes toward becoming my best current self. Keep reading for the three necessary steps I took to transition.


Surrender, is about ceasing to resist. The amount of resistance in my life became unhealthy. To constantly be on guard, tense, and in survival mode was killing me. Placing me back into a similar level of anxiousness, that I experienced in my previous work environments. The ones that I created a plan to get out of.


This was a wake up call for me, because I didn't do all I had done, to still be living the same quality of life as before. I had done so much, to switch up everything, and everyone around me, for me to just remain the same, myself. It was unfair of me, to me, to resist. So I wanted to explore what a life without resistance would look like, and I realized that the opposite of resistance was flow. 


Surrender, takes out the tension of resistance from your ability to live in flow. Surrender, is about letting go, and trusting that you are in alignment. It's also important to understand though, that surrender is a commitment to not stand in your own way. 


The decision to surrender will look differently for everyone. For some, they'll realize that they can't move past go until they do, and for others they'll simply get tired of their own bullshit. Regardless, you will reach an understanding that I can no longer continue my life this way, if I want to continue to evolve and expand. 


When battling ego, you have to realize that not all things will happen as you want them to, when you want them to, simply because you want them to. Surrender is trusting in the process, and not controlling every single aspect of it, because you also understand that the plan for you, is much bigger than the one you have for yourself. Also, that not every opportunity is yours, and in order for alignment to do its thing, some doors need to close, so that you end up, with your opportunity. 


However, in order to get there, to fully surrender to that degree. Your ego has to take a back seat, and learn how to be a passenger. Especially as you continue to evolve and glow, ego will be there waiting to shake shit up. Ready to make decisions for you, and take center stage. To counteract that, I encourage you to practice humility, which I believed is based in gratitude. 


Once you surrender, you'll realize, that you are living your life in a constant flow. The things that use to be difficult, no longer are. The shortcomings seem farther and fewer, and most importantly, when they do come, you are armed to deal with them. You might even recognize, that your response to them is different than it may have been even a couple of months ago. You'll also notice that what you've been dreaming of may begin to manifest, and rapidly. 


For all of this and much more, I believe that it is so incredibly important for us to practice gratitude, daily. Gratitude in my case, that life is no longer a constant game of tug of war. That all of my dreams are becoming tangible, and that I am who I think I am. I try to practice gratitude every morning now. Sometimes, before I even crack my eyes open. I'll say out loud, that I am thankful for these gifts, this direction, this mission, this alignment, and for myself. It can become easy to get to a space of flow, and forget what that struggle looked like. Continue to remain grateful for where you are, and how far you've come. At some point, you'll also have to acknowledge, that where you are now, is exactly where you wanted to be. You may not have taken the road you imagined, but you're there, so be grateful. 


Within this moment, I also encourage you to welcome some stillness into your life. For the past few years, I have been constantly on to the the next thing, due to the urgency I created, and recently detached myself from. Therefore, I was never truly able to live in the moment, or to even be able to recognize each moment for what it was. Therefore, I am living in each day, breathing in the air deeply, and appreciating my journey. Not with my head down and in a track stance, but with my head held high, and my eyes wide open, actually experiencing it. 


Our best selves doesn't have to be out of reach and intangible. Your best current self exists already within you, beneath your inability to surrender. 

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