Hence this month's theme of Revelations, last month brought me SO much closure and clarity, that is *actively* allowing for me to move through life lighter. With less loose ends, negative energy, and just an overall sense of immense joy. 


Prior to, I was scrolling through Instagram (per the usual), and it literally just hit me. I didn't need to read another quote, and I didn't need to keep "studying the game," because I literally had the blueprint for the long game already. All I needed to do, is crack down, and actually do the shit.  


I sat back and really looked at the root of what was holding me back, and they were all reasonably obtainable things. However, I needed to have the discipline to do it. Not that I am not disciplined about my dreams. I just believe, that the steps I need to take to get towards what's next, requires a level of holistic discipline, that I've yet to tap into. 


As always, I DON'T have the answers (I'm Sway), but here are some ways to not stand in your own way.

Sis you don't need to read another inspirational quote, you don't need to watch another video from your fave influencer. What you need, is to find the stillness to hear your own voice. DEEP down inside we know what we really need to do. However, we want for our ideas, paths and innovations to be greenlit. Which is asking for permission to exist, and live out our wildest dreams. Queen, you don't need permission because you are boundless, you create the rules, you don't abide by them.


Similarly to what I alluded to above, let's find the quiet. It is so damn easy to get caught up in everyone else's "moves," that you neglect or forget about your own. Or worse, you begin to pick apart YOUR shit, on account of someone else's. Develop blinders, be comfortable with not being in the know. Being on a constant hunt of what's hot right now, can make you lose your own damn sizzle. Its so easy to get lost in the sauce, when you're constantly trying to see what everyone else is on. Gather the inspiration you need, and tuck yourself away, for the time you need. Also, understand that everything is done in seasons. It's not necessary, or healthy to sprint year round. 


Sorry to my go with the flow folks, but I promise you can get so much, more done if your days had structure and organization. One of the things that I'm realizing about myself is that I'm way more disciplined with block like structures that force me to switch up my physical location. If I'm at home for the day, my sleepy ass will be in the bed. Or if my morning is off to a silly start then the rest of my day will follow suit. Understand what things you need to avoid, and what things allow for you to be more productive. Lastly, our faves (me included) will give ways that help them organize their days, lives, side hustles, etc. While you can try on these suggestions, the best thing for you to do is to find a method of organization that works for you


 *Ctfu at this gif, cause mama was puttin in WORK lol*


It is time sis, its GO time. Time to put in that work for that dream you've been dreaming. Time to walk in alignment with your purpose. Time to let go of ALL, that bullshit that's been holding you back, from niggas, to shitty friends, to piss poor mindsets. You have everything that you need, from the blueprint, to the ability to do the shit. Please understand, that your purpose was uniquely created for you, meaning that it is for you, because it is your destiny. It is there only if you work towards it though, but understand that it ain't going no where. Allow for that train of thought to help you gain comfortability or confidence in your vision. You got this, sis! 


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