I spent some time just sitting with the idea of checking in with my soul, because it forced me to identify, what it meant for my soul to be happy. Which is a very different thing from your mind and physical body. It lead me to think about energy, and all the ways we spend, share and save it.  


For me, a happy soul looks balanced. Cognitive of where my energy is going, and intentional about where it is being placed, and who it is being shared with. 


So this post will be a little different. For each area of checking in with your soul, there will be a quick assessment where you can think through, where you are in that space. I'll then briefly check in with myself, and lastly I've identified some things for us all (myself included), to consider when working towards being more mindful of our soul and energy. 



ASSESSMENT: How often do you do things that leave your soul feeling full, and happy? Furthermore, are you intentional about creating those moments consistently? 


B'S CHECK-IN: I've been much more mindful about living intentionally. One of the ways I'm carrying that out, is by making sure that I am doing at least one thing each day that makes me happy.  


TO CONSIDER: This is one of the easier ones to "course correct," because all you need, is to determine what feeds your soul, and to create time, for you be able to experience that, as often as possible. 



ASSESSMENT: Are you mindful of who you share space with, and how they affect your energy? Do you also make note of who is able to reciprocate your energy? 


B'S CHECK-IN: I've found that I am often not in reciprocative spaces, with reciprocative people. Given that, I tend to pour much more into people than they are even able to pour into me. Given this I'm and re-channelling all of that energy I've invested into other people unnecessarily, into myself. 


TO CONSIDER: Who and what is actually serving you? Take a true look at the people around you and determine if they are a hinderance or a help towards you vibrating higher. Determine if the people in your circles or spaces are even for you. It's no shade, but sometimes the main people wanting to see us fail are in our own circles. Weed out that negative energy, and surround yourself with people who are on your wave. There is also no need to feel "othered," cultivate a tribe that feels like home.  



ASSESSMENT: How often do you say no? Are you conscious about creating boundaries, and drawing lines in the sand? If a boundary is crossed, are you disciplined enough to address it? 


B'S CHECK-IN: I'm stepping into a space where I am becoming mindful, about making sure that everything, I do is serving me. Meaning that it's beneficial for me, that I am learning something from it, that it is making me grow, or at MINIMUM, that it is matching my energy. I've been in a lot of spaces recently, where I've wondered frankly if that transaction was worth my time. The grand takeaway for me here, is that I need to say no more often. 


TO CONSIDER: Spend some time determining what is truly worth your energy. While also understanding, what you are giving an abundant amount of unnecessary energy to. Use this as a reference point on where to draw the line. 





ASSESSMENT: How often do you recognize that you've fallen down a rabbit hole? Do you notice at all? Could you determine where the bulk of your energy is being spent? Is it being spent wisely?


B'S CHECK-IN: I've realized that I've allowed for a lot of -for lack of better words- bullshit to control my mental energy. From social media, to niggas, to trump, I have spent a lot of time bent over situations that didn't serve me in the first damn place. Now that I've become conscious of this, I refuse to allow myself to continue to fall down the rabbit hole. 


TO CONSIDER: My major key in this season of life is, discipline. We know what serves us, and what doesn't serve us (trust your gut), a lot of the time that isn't the problem. The true problem, I've found, is in making sure that we have the discipline/will power to eliminate the toxicity we know exists, from our lives. 

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