What a season it has been! I am so incredibly impressed with what Grown-ish delivered in its debut season. Breaking away from everyone's dream of a Different World reboot, and being what this generation needs, while also delivering it in a way that we can receive. With a completely diverse and a-typical cast of characters, and not just in shades, but in depth and complexity. While also managing to shed light and add perspective to some very culturally relevant topics. In honor of this finale, instead of digging into topics, for this episode I am giving a light blow by blow. 

If it isn't clear by now, I STAN for Grown-ish, and I am so sad to see this season end. In this final episode, we open up with Cash, in true fuckboy fashion, with a full blown "I've been thinking and uhh" speech, just as I suspected. I am so proud of Zoey for dismissing him though, because its evident that he really doesn't want shit anyway. 

After posting up in her room for the entire day, Zoey finally decided to leave, and actually go to class. However, she ran into Ana, Nomi, Jazz and Sky along the way, after each of them spoke with one of her prospective bae's. During a game of Fuck, Marry, Kill, Nomi made some good points about Luca, like how they have a deeper connection, how Zoey has never complained about him, and how much he cares about her (I wish we got those individual convos with each of the guys though). Sidenote: Nomi calling dibs on Luca if Zoey was out is my big mood, and also how is Luca blowing this much tree on campus?!

Over in the class the girls should be in, Mr. Mooney walks in and read both Aaron and Luca for FILTH. Aaron then tries to puff out his chest, but ended up getting butt hurt in the end. When Luca called him out on his possessive language, in regards to Zoey *swoons*. 

The moment of truth finally came, and of course my Luca loving self was grinning ear to ear! I was so proud, that mama made a very grown up decision with this one. From understanding Cash as her first love, and recognizing that it doesn't need to go beyond that. To realizing that while Aaron had some great qualities about him, and cared for her, that it still wasn't the right fit. 

At the top of the season, we saw Zoey try to constantly morph herself into who she thought Aaron would like her as. When she realized, that she didn't have to change herself to connect with Luca, her decision became clear. When she knocked and that yellow sleeve opened that door, bay-beh, I gagged! The portrait in the background, the usage of the belt. I was just in awe, and the door closing took me out!

I can't wait to see what they do next season, and I will definitely miss tuning into Grown-ish every week. As a quick FYI, I've decided to take a baby hiatus until Queen Sugar returns in May! 

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