I am shamefully guilty of never, and I mean NEVER living in the now. I've been forthcoming about the fact that prior to 2016, I was chasing a very capitalistic idea of success. I even wrapped my perceived self-worth, into how fast I could climb the corporate ladder. Which made for a very checkpoint driven lifestyle. Every activity, internship, job, and degree validated my success to me, through the lens of "the American dream." As I was on a constant roller coast of what’s next.


Even through my entrepreneurial journey, I've been placing an abnormal amount of pressure on myself. By day dreaming in the tomorrow, but failing to be present in the today. Feeling like I've done nothing, since my dreams aren't fully manifested. While there is nothing wrong with working towards what’s next, you have to remember that where you are now, is exactly where you wanted to be at some point in your dreaming and that the process takes time! Also, with no day guaranteed, who's to say that we'll even make it to the grand day that we are dreaming our way to? 


I don't know about y'all, but I don't want my life to be spent simply going through the motions, or solely focused on what's next, to the point where I am unable to be present or grateful. We've spent entirely too much time grinding, strategizing, hustling and taking risks, to treat ourselves like we've done nothing. So beyond being present in our now, we should be celebrating our now. Below are four ways to help you do just that!


I've had the tendency in the past to downplay my moves, and to act like what I've done isn't worthy of celebration. When you're feeling like you ain't shit, boss up on your own damn self, and write a list of all you've done.


This is something that I've spoken about before, but daily win check-ins, are another way for you to celebrate your now. I physically look at myself in the mirror, and talk through wins from the previous day. These also aren't/don't have to be work related. Instead they could be personal breakthroughs, that you had the previous day. They could be lessons you learned, new ways you stepped outside of your comfort zone. 


The most important part is that we are taking time in-between to celebrate all moments, and to most importantly celebrate our now. While its not currently a daily practice, its something that I'm looking to implement on a more daily basis. As I roll into month six of solopreneurship, one of the things I am looking to dedicate some time to, is curating a daily, and weekly schedule to become more structured and disciplined.




After having spent a good chunk of my existence, breathing and speaking life into people. I realized that I had never done the same for myself. So one day, while driving home from a client meeting last summer, I decided to speak life into myself. I praised, cried, listened to some SZA and I felt renewed. 


I've tried to live my life without consideration of other people's thoughts of me, because only my opinion of me, is what matters most. However, even though I love myself, and had built this relationship with myself. I realized that I wasn't pouring into myself, or building myself up in a way, to make me truly realize that I'm proud of myself. There is something so powerful about verbal dialogue with self. Whether you're thinking through ideas, or gassing yourself up, give it a try!


Listen, I know this probably sounds artificial as hell, but hear me out. Unless you're mad transparent, Instagram serves as a highlight reel of your favorite moments or greatest achievements. Take some time to scroll through your own profile and gas yourself up. Scroll all the way back to your first post if you want to be humbled lol, and make sure you check the post dates, to watch the evolution unfold before your eyes. 


In all seriousness, I did this at the end of 2017, and it put a bit of my anxiety to rest, surrounding feeling like I may have taken too much down time, or hadn't done "enough," whatever that mean in real life. So scroll back through her and gag at what you’ve, or how bad (pun intended) you are, because you're the shit, and you deserve to know!


Like I said above, this article is as much for me as it is for y'all. We can't hold ourselves hostage until we reach our dreams, we have to start being present and celebratory in our lives. So hopefully, the above gave you some ways to celebrate your now. Let me know if you have any other ways to celebrate your now in the comments below! 


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