"I hate it when these niggas keep they feelings confidential," my favorite line from Gold by Calid B., because y'all are irritating as fuck, in fact we all are. I hope in my lifetime, that I am able to see Black men bridge the gap between their "masculinity" and their emotions. Somewhere in between, being taught and shown that their worth is in their body count, and told that being gay is the "worse" possible thing a Black man can be, is what created this disconnect in my opinion. Which has normalized them to not be emotional or expressive beings. 


In contrast though, Black women grew up being taught to be wives, and mothers. To be submissive, and basically practice servitude. Which equates to some of us settling, staying where our needs aren't met, or reciprocating the culture. 

Add this dynamic to communication methods of today, and you have a recipe that creates a game playing, non-expressive, but I don't want to see you with anyone else dating culture. *Expresses gratitude for escaping fuckboy dating culture* Fortunately/unfortunately Zoey has to choose from a pool of one and a half fuck boys. Therefore below, I am giving my feelings on each of the guys, and who I think she should choose. 


I hate an ol monkey wrench ass nigga! One that will throw your whole shit off kilter, dip, and return ready to do it again. No ma'am, we don't sign up, for encore rides on the clown-go-round. Cash and whatever he has to say can take they ass on. 


I can damn near hear him now. Sitting there with that " I've been thinking and uh..." look on his face. In all seriousness though, Cash is a fuckboy, and Zoey needs to steer clear. I don't doubt that he cared for her, but I do doubt that he will ever have her best interest at heart. 



I truly appreciated Aaron's sincerity in this scene, but its something about him that reads goofy to me. I'm not sure if its, because he's awkward around her like he mentioned, or because he's on some kid ass shit. If it's the latter of the two, I need sis to move around. 


However, I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt, and say that its because he's awkward around her, given that he really likes her. I lean towards this, because pulling up on sis, and having an adult - well, to the best of his ability - conversation, shows maturity. 


Its also very apparent that he truly cares about Zo, even if he goes about it in a goofy ass manner. I feel like now that his cards are on the table, its time for to, in the words of Issa, "boss up, or be a pussy!"   



I honestly lived for Luca, up until this episode, I loved him for her, but the way he handled this episode threw me off. I dig everything about his vibe and aesthetic, but he's one of them niggas that keep they feelings confidential. Speaking in riddles and codes and shit, and I don't have time. He's an ol "you wild wyd," responding ass nigga. 


Unless I'm just as tripped up as babygirl, I too thought that he was going to the formal with her. Then he sat there in her face, and played it like it was trash, and said that he wasn't going to come (he showed up looking phenomenal btw). It's clear that Luca really cares for her as well, but he doesn't express it verbally. Instead he plays verbal mind games through cyrptic codes. 


Now that I've read him for filth after that last episode, I do REALLY like Luca. Like chile in real life, he's over 18, but I feel like a mini cougar watching this show looking at him. All jokes aside, I feel that Luca challenges Zoey on an intellectual level that none of the other guys have even reached. I believe that he would add to her life, and that they could actually grow together. Even just look at the collection they created together, or how good that dress looked on her. I believe that he also understands the true gem that Zoey is. So, my vote is for Luca, who do you think she's going to choose? Comment and let me know below!

I hope that babygirl takes control of the situation though, as Nomi advised. She has to make the best decision for herself, and not worry what that decision means for the other guy. She also has to be okay with letting go whoever that is. 

I am so sad that this season is coming to an end, with next week's finale. I've had a blast doing these analyses on each episode, and this episode was simply incredible! The music, lighting, makeup, outfits, lines, scenes, and scene progression were all amazing! Don't forget to let me know if you're #TeamCash, #TeamAaron, or #TeamLuca below!


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