When was the last time you experienced joy, and I don't mean the last time you had fun. Joy to me, is the completely aligned version of happiness. Often times, I feel like we look for external factors to grant us happiness. From men, to careers, to social media. When instead we should be looking within ourselves and creating our own joy and euphoria. It's a feeling that can help to eliminate negative thoughts and feelings. It's one, that feeds your soul, and thus your energy. In looking for ways to fill my own cup, I found that experiencing joy is one of them. 







The most important aspect of experiencing joy, is understanding what even makes you feel joy. What makes you happy, is not a one size fits all. Instead its tailored to you, and who you are, what you like and what you do. To help find this, (its also not one singular thing) I'd spend some time thinking about when you feel happiest. I think its also important, to think about this as something that you can do independently. Given that I don't want you to be dependent upon someone else to experience joy.     


For me, I honestly love to blow a little dank, listen to loud good music, and dance. Dance crazy, dance wild, dance seductive, dance for my life boom boom cat style. I literally turn into a choreographer and get my entire life. My favorite albums to do this to are The Light of the Sun by Jill Scott, Ctrl by SZA, Seat At The Table by Solange. My favorite songs to do this to are Bankhead by Kelela, Gold by Calid B, Bad Blood by Nao and Say it Again by H.E.R. I am a music head, I've played multiple instruments, I sing, I listen to music ALL day, and I've always found myself around musically gifted people. Understanding this about myself, and thinking about my happiest times helped me arrive here.




I've been around women, who I've never seen happy. Or those who interprets everything through a negative lens, and thus are unable to experience joy. For them and the rest of us alike, I believe that it is so extremely important to find ways to replicate that joy. Happiness is not a one time thing, or something thats reserved for specific dates, days or time. Instead it is something that we should try to manifest on a daily basis


I mean imagine experiencing true joy at least once a day. What do you think that'd do for your day. In full transparency, its something that I added into my morning routine, that I haven't quite done for a full week straight yet. But the intent is there. If that is a feeling that I can start each of my days with, then how could that change my world? My energy, hell, me? Once I get my life in order, and finally ahead of my to-do list, I'll be sure to circle back and let y'all know!  


What I can give you now though, is that I identify the days where I experience joy as good days. Looking back on them, those were truly the days I found myself happiest.


It is so easy to feel down, inadequate, impatient, frustrated and weary of the ways of the world. Resist that shit by experiencing and reclaiming your joy. By first understanding what brings you that feeling, then replicating it. You deserve joy sis, go experience it! 

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