I know this is TV, but how they out here with whole ass fellowships as Freshman, #QTNA? Anywhoo, in this week's episode Lucca is back (about damn time #TeamLucca). After both he and Zoey were selected for Teen Vogue's fellowship, the bulk of the episode is spent at Teen Vogue. After Zoey was given a special position working for the Editor in Chief, shoutout to Elaine Welteroth, she gave her the classic Black superior line of "don't make me look bad." Which made Zoey contemplate the first world problem of should I give social media a rest for a while? The rest of the episode went out to discuss mainly the cons of being digitally connected beings.


I'll be digging further into Zoey's social media blackout, and why we should all take one. Miserable ass Internet trolls, and reading past the headline before you share a link. 



Take some time off of social media. Social is a breeding ground for comparison, the feeling of inadequacy, and stunt driven lies. Unconsciously, the images that you are taking in on this platform will actually permeate your mind, and show itself in other aspects of your life. The good thing though of course, is that you can control what you choose to consume on social media, or for this matter, what you choose to post. 


The pressure in the social stratosphere for trying to be cool, or the next best this, or the next boss that is high, I feel it. However, I feel like we're growing towards a space, where we're becoming more drawn to authenticity, and truth. No need to stunt for Pookie and them sis, just do you.



Sorry that I can't say this eloquently, but if you are an internet troll, you are the most sad, and miserable among us all. I say that because as in this week's episode with Nomi, people are typically only trolling people who live lives they wish they could, but are unable to. So to spew out hatred towards someone, simply because you wish you had their life is wack asf, and you should consider seeking a therapist. 


Now that my mean take is out of the way, seriously. Everyone is entitled to their "opinion," but what you choose to see or say first, says a lot about your perception. Notice if you typically pick about what's wrong, before you notice what's "right," or what you like about what you consume, and be honest with yourself. The sooner you notice that sort of behavior, the sooner you can unpack why it exists, and get this miserability off your back. 



Before y'all jump on me, I'll start this out by saying that I am just as guilty, and am telling this to myself as well. However, we must start reading the articles that we post BEYOND THE HEADLINE. Aaron was a hilarious example of what can happen when you out here just sharing shit to share it. 


Again totally saying this to myself as well, but let's start taking in more than one article about something before giving an opinion on it. Let's start taking in actual facts, and other perspectives before we put a bow on ours. The age of technology has made a lot of us lazy with the facts. Meaning that we out here just accepting any ol' article, headline or meme to be true. 


Here we are in 2018, and the internet is doing just as much harm as is it is good. But unlike Fatty Badoula I am not an analog girl in a digital world. Until next week!


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