"It ain't real until you delete that text thread," was my big mood watching this week's episode of Grown-ish. We open up with Zo Zo, sick asf over Cash, in a room full of filth, Dorito dust in the air, and her girls coming to her rescue. The entire episode was centered around her break-up with Cash, so this week I'll be talking about feeling yo feels, deleting they ass, and do NOT woo my while I'm vulnerable, because its wack as fuck!  



"The best way to get over an old one, is to get under a new one," is quite possibly the dumbest, most counterproductive advice I've ever heard. When you go through a break up, you are going through a period of grief, and mourning. Therefore, it is so important for you feel all of the feels. Moving on quickly, for the simple fact of trying to get over someone, will only force you to suppress that grief, but what comes up, must come out. Meaning that if you don't feel it now, it doesn't mean that you won't ever feel it. Feeling your feels when you first go through the break up, will allow for you to have that clean break, once you're finally over that person, because you experienced the full grieving process, which ends with you being okay. 


In my humble opinion, it's also so incredibly important for you to go through that process alone, meaning, without a significant other, or someone you're placing feelings into. A lot of times in relationships, we get so caught up on the we aspect, that we loose sight of the me. With your newly single status, check in with you, and focus on getting in tune with yourself, for yourself.



When you're trying to get over someone, the absolute last thing you need, are any reminders that they even exist. This includes ALL of their social media platforms, their number in your phone, and most importantly that text thread. If you're anything like me, then you will read a text thread down to the ground. Smile at old game they spit, and convince yourself that they aren't as bad as you know they are. Delete ALL that shit, and try your hand at cutting them off cold turkey. The constant reminders won't serve you any good sis. The slight petty in me also wants to say, that there is something very vindicating about replying to a text with "hey, who's this," after someone has done you wrong. Who remembers numbers by heart these days anyway?  



Aaron is way too fine to be acting this wild. First, he was salty that Zoey and Cash were even a thing (even though Cash deflated his ego). Then once they broke up, he tried to swoop in with a bottle of champagne and a candle to capitalize on her vulnerability, and I ain't here for it! The wackest thing a man can do in my opinion, is to attempt or actively take advantage of someone, especially a woman. I understand that Aaron really likes Zoey, its damn near apparent at this point. However, it is not okay to seize your moment in that way. He needs to pick his lip up, and holla at her next semester. 


I love that Grown-ish exists and is able to have topics that are relatable for both college students, and 20-somethings alike. I love how they also utilize Zoey as almost a mirror, to show us how crazy we are, if we respond to situations the way she does. It almost seems as if she's always playing in extremist territory, but for that I thank her. Get the girls together by showing us what not to do!


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