While Cashin' Out was a cute episode, in the future, I hope that Grown-ish slows down the plot line a bit, and bring the view more into the day to day. Currently, we pick back up after an unknown period of time, and zoom through another. However, I'm anticipating that, that was because this was the first season and essentially a trial run. 


In episode six, I explored the idea of not quitting your day dream, doing ANYTHING for the D, and finding your lick. 



Cash does a lot, but I get it. Young love is boundless, but it can be consuming. I love that this episode explored the idea, of Zoey pondering moving her life for Cash. However, to any young women reading this, please know that it is never okay to quit your day dream, or to put them on "hold" for ANY man. If he is for you, he will find a way to accommodate the both of your dreams. 


I also adored the splash of Bow that we got in this episode, and her candor. Many Black women that I've had conversations with, have never truly had an open conversation with their mother's about sex. So it was refreshing to see Bow, in her corky way, respect her daughters decision and to even ask about protection. 


Additionally though, this was the perfect scene for her mother to come in, and to remind her why she was there, what she was doing, and why she was doing it. Sometimes that first taste of being away from home almost feels like being in a parallel universe, but Bow brought her back to reality. 



 Let's talk dickmatizm. Dickmatizm, is the act of being put in a trance via a pied piper. Being dickmatized, will cause you to make decisions you usually wouldn't. Causing you to most likely look back on your actions and think to yourself "what the fuck am I doing/did I do."


While Freeform didn't take us into Zoey and Cash's sex life, I can guarantee you, that baby girl was dickmatized. Unfortunately, there is no cure available for dickmatizm, so fuck at your own risk ladies and gentleman. 



Words of the wise from Aaron to Jazz and Sky on finding their "lick" in college. While you're in college, you think that you're the brokest of broke, but wait until you hit the real world lol. I believe that the hustle you practice and acquire in undergrad will only continue to manifest as you continue your journey. 


In early undergrad, I had my head in a book and in my mans face, like Zoey. However, I was smart enough to find my lick. I was like the book wiz on my floor, so I'd write papers for coin. Eventually though, after I moved to Chicago, I stepped my hustle game up, and started freelancing on the side of everything else I was doing. 


For the college students reading this, while you're looking for your lick, start to think about how, and what this lick could manifest into. While you do need some coin on the side, there are so many students now who are damn near full time business owners by the time they matriculate with their degree. 


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