Yesterday, for the second year in a row, I was puzzled by the amount of white women who came out of the woodworks to advocate for legislation, and policies regarding "women's" rights. My confusion lies in two places. First, where were all of these white women and their disgust, during Trump's blatant campaign of racism, bigotry, hatred and sexism? Was him saying "grab her by the pussy," or that women who have abortions should face "punishment," or his sexual assault allegations not enough, for them to realize who he really is? Or did they simply vote with their husband's interests in mind over their own? 


Even more frustrating than their blatant disregard, is that 53% of white women in America voted for Donald Trump. Let that sink in. If 4.9 million people attended the white women's march (according to their website), then who the fuck, and where the fuck are the 53% of white women that did? There needs to be some accountability. 


Many women have said that they felt betrayed by the 53%, but not me, because white women have been hollering out feminism for decades, without any intersectionality in their stride or speak. When white women talk about feminism, the group of people they are truly trying to protect is white women. Where were they when Sandra Bland was murdered? Where were/are they during Black Lives Matter protests? Where were they when Muslim Americans were being ripped away from their families? Where are they when anyone besides white women are being "discriminated" against? The point is that their version of feminism, is self-serving and not deserving of my Black ass support. 


While white women are seeking an all hands on deck approach when it comes to fighting against Trump, I'm going to sit this one out and stand with my sister's. My Black, brown, trans and LGBTQ sisters, because they are the ones who will stand by, and with me. Unfortunately for white women, you don't get to cry out for ally-ship, and expect for marginalized people, to come to your beck and call, when you are nowhere to be found when issues of other women arise. 


Instead, white women need to take time to call each other out, or in (whichever they prefer), and discuss this 53%. Discuss the idea that issues that may not affect them personally are still issues that need to be address. Discuss how 94% of Black women Voted for Hilary Clinton, and how they could take a couple of notes on political unity. Discuss how if your feminism is not intersectional, then it is not feminism.  






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