As with the rest of the episodes, episode four kept me entertained. From cracking up to, hollering "say that!" at the screen, to encouraging Zoey to shoot her shot on the low. I probably will say this every analysis, but I absolutely love the range of topics that Grown-Ish touches, and their "go there" attitude in the way they do it. 


This week I decided to fangirl out a little, and profess my love for Chloe and Halle. However, I also discussed Butthurt Ass Aaron and why we owe men fluidity. 



I'm half fan-girling because I've lived for Chloe and Halle since before Bey put them on the scene. I've listened to their EP's, and stalked their IG, but to see them in this, has taken my fandom to a-whole-nother level.


I love their role, and how well they play them too. One thing that I was excited to see in Grown-ish was how they'd portray Black sisterhood. As that is such an important part of the Black coming of age experience. With Jaz and Sky though, she's able to get a gut check from a Black girlfriend lens.


Just like the scene in episode 3, when they were discussing "U Up" texts. Ana thought it was romantic, but the twins shut it down, and came through with the real. This is what having Queens in your corner looks like. We have all traveled similar paths and through similar lenses, being both Black and Woman, which is why I cherish that perspective. 



I need Aaron to make up his mind, but I almost can't blame him, after Zoey sent that slew of wild ass texts. It's so crazy how they can be off of you, or pay you no mind until that ego is tested. He puffed up like a peacock when he ran into Cash and Zoey studying. Then Cash deflated his ego, when he told him this wasn't a good time for selfies. *I hollered*



He then continued to act salty during every scene they were watching the game. I understand that he's supposed to be a Sophomore in college, and he hasn't fully realized himself yet. However, if y'all peep this kind of behavior in the real world, please run. The last thing you want to do is babysit an ego. 


The ultimate clap that ass up though, was during the final bar scene, when Zoey asked him "how many jobs are there on Monster for Revolutionaries." I literally hollered when she asked him this in the midst his hate. Them concluding the episode with him actually searching on Monster felt like the perfect closing for that piss poor ass behavior. 



Some people are so comfy with the idea of two women being together, yet the idea of two men sickens them. From my perspective, its due to the way in which we see the idea of masculinity, while failing to realize that it's spectrum, and that it doesn't need to fit your idea of it. Or the broken one that you learned through gender "norms" growing up. 


My absolute issue is that we don't give men the same fluidity that we give women. Frankly for most men, it comes from a warped fetishized idea of being with two women. Given that a grand majority of them don't respect women enough, to realize that we were not placed on earth to fulfill and succumb to their sexual desires. 


While I agree with the idea of letting people simply do them, we need to also be pushing the education piece. By continuing to show cis-gendered men, and anyone with lack of understanding why. 


Cash Mooney disappointed me at the end of this episode, but we'll see where episode five takes us. Stay tuned for Grown-ish analyses here every Thursday, through the end of the season! 

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