If you are new around here, I quit my cushy corporate/agency job back in September to pursue my dreams. I realized that I had been giving 75-100% of myself, to someone else's dream, while seemingly neglecting my own, with the 15-25% I was able to put into it on a consistent basis. 


We are told from the time we're young what the "American" dream looks like. We're told to go to college, find a nice job in our field, find a mate, and live the rest of our lives. Forgive me, but that sounds like some bullshit, because we are unconsciously being told to what we should do. Instead of being asking what it is that we desire. Understanding that wants and desires are two completely different things. From my vantage point, there is much more to this one life that we have than doing what we're told, while neglecting our passions. 


This is why I talk so much about purpose. There is a reason why we wake up and have breath in our bodies each day if we are lucky, and that reason is not to be a consumer or to pay bills. Making the decision to quit my job, was one that frankly freaked me the fuck out, but I knew it was the best decision. Now, nearly four months later, I knowt that it was the absolute best decision I've made besides moving to Chicago in 2013. 


What I didn't realize about quitting my job, was that I was reclaiming my time, in a way I never knew existed. Given that I don't have any physical place to be on a daily basis, this gives me time to explore everything that I never had time to. 


From actually reading a book, to studying discography and film, to even adding a few more meals to my repertoire. My time is now 100% free, and mine! I have literally never felt more free and liberated in my entire life. 


Given this reclamation of my time though, I free-balled for about two months before I realized that I needed some structure within my days. Therefore, I recently created a weekly routine, and a morning routine to help structure my days, and to work towards becoming ritualistic with it.


For the weekly routine, I assigned a focus to each day of the week. Monday's are for self care, Tuesday's are for homework (I'm in a Digital Entrepreneurship MBA program), Wednesday's are for rest, Thursday's are for handling all business needs for my brand, Friday is for fun, Saturday is for Content Creation, and Sunday is for visitation because I'm a loner. 


Assigning each day of the week to something that I need to do, allows for me to stay organized, and for my mind to reach some calm and peace. For the longest, I'd wake up, create a random ass list, be up ALL day and night, then do it all over again. However, this way, once my dedicated tasks are done, I can either get ahead, rest, or just take some time for me, but it brings me comfort to know that each day is accounted for. 


Additionally, I created a morning routine that consists of: wellness yoga and meditation, affirmations where I reflect on wins from the day before, cleansing my body both literally and spiritually, health when I actually take the time to make and consumer a healthy meal (I used to forget to eat), organizing is where I structure the needs for the day, and set an intention. With this morning routine, I am not quite at a ritualistic space with it yet, but it does bring my day some structure and intention. I also am positioning self-care as a mandatory part of each day. From 2017 and earlier, I would always prioritize my work, over myself, which is what frankly caused me to burn out. 


While, everyone can't just up and quit their jobs, I will encourage you all to find ways to reclaim your time and how you're filling it. Whether you need to create weekly or morning routines like I did, or to reprioritize time spent loving on, and caring for yourself. We literally only get one life, and its on us to create the space we exist in. 

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