2017 was my year of energy preservation, the year where I actively sought peace, and to understand what that looks like to me. You will hear me talk about it all 2018, but this is the year where we as Black women must become intentional about placing ourselves first. Then eventually carrying that beyond 2018.


Yes, I understand that we constantly have to be in a space to help everyone around us. Whether that be your parents, children, family members on hard times, or your “man,” we have all been there. However, our ability to take better care for ourselves, will give us the bandwidth to take on that task in moderation, or where absolutely necessary. I’ve been telling myself for the past two years that “you don’t work if you don’t work,” meaning that if I am not servicing myself then I won’t even be able to complete the work. The reclamation of my peace, was one of the most important and beneficial factors of my self maintenance.


I would define peace in my life as a euphoric space, where I have accepted the things I cannot change, and changed the things I cannot accept, fearlessly. A space where I am intentional about what’s in it, what I allow in it, who I allow in it, and who I am when I’m in it. Bringing about a calm and wholeness that I can rest in comfortably, one that I have been able to constantly carry with me. As peace began as a physical location sage, crystals and the whole gamut, until I learned how to manifest it within myself.


Below are some ways that you can reclaim peace in your life:


I have learned that what bothers me most is typically not the actual problem itself, but the amount of energy that I allow said issue to strip from me. I was having a conversation with my best friend last week, and she described peace as being a powerful force, and one that is able to block negative energy. It was profound to me, because people usually perceive peace to be a more gentle force, that simply brings about a calm. 


When in reality is this ever present beam of energy that shields us from the negative vibes and encounters. Within this, I’ve learned that not everything deserves a response. Responses open the portal that starts the depletion of your energy peace, if you don’t respond it's least likely to be affected. You should be aware of what will deplete your energy and focus on either eliminating it from your life, or avoiding it.


In all that you need to do to protect your peace, there are also ways that you can replenish it. One that I have found, is to experience joy. It sounds so simple, but I never realized until last year that I didn’t know how to experience joy, and within myself. My favorite way is through music and dancing. I will literally turn music up to the highest volume and dance by myself. Crazy dances, cool ones, and simply just allowing for my body to move however she wants, and to go wherever the music takes. I encourage you to find a way to experience joy, as its delightful and genuine natural, is one that we all deserve to experience.


Consider how often you remain still, and I mean really still like no thoughts or movements still? My anxiety will not allow for my mind rest at any moment, as it’s like the computer with 1000 tabs open at a time, while constantly clicking between each. Given this, I had to seek ways to be still or to find calm. Two of the ways that I have been able to do this, is through yoga and guided meditation.


I embarked on my yoga journey about a year ago, and it introduced me to a world that I had never seen before. One where I was reconnected with my body, and felt more parts of her than I ever had. I have also carried deep breathing off of my mat, by reminding myself to breathe when I feel anxious.


I say guided meditation, because I recently began meditating and am not able to get myself to a meditative space yet. However, meditation will allow for you to find that stillness in your mind and body. I’ve found that this stillness is best for me, at the start of my day.


This year the reclamation of my peace isn’t a goal or something that I am aspiring to, it is non-negotiable and mandatory.




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