We are back to the time of year where we're training our minds to think about all we want to accomplish in 2018. However, the issue with New Years resolutions is that they never stick, and primarily, because most of us don't actually create a plan of attack to accomplish them. 


Additionally though, I want you to understand that mental change doesn't need to co-exist with physical change to take place. Meaning that, if you are looking to change your, mindset or approach, feel empowered to do that, whenever you so choose throughout the rest of the year.  


To kickstart the December series, I will be digging into impactful ways to better strategize your goals, for the outcome you intend.  I say this all the time, but I am a super planner. Last year, I developed a 2018 goal document in order to strategize and thus execute my goals. Last December, that document started at eight pages, and today it's 58 pages, since I have actively used that document throughout the year. It has also been instrumental towards keeping my head on straight and actually getting shit done in 2017. 


Planning Actionable Goals

Stream of Consciousness 

This is just a free thinking brainstorm of all the things you want to accomplish in 2018. This is a way to get everything out on paper. Without worrying about the how, because here, the focus is the what.


Categorize Goals 

In the spirit of organization, it is soooooo much easier to mentally take in and process your goals, when they are grouped with other like goals. For example, if two of my goals are to hone in on a niche for my blog, and to increase the reach of my blog. Though two very different goals, the category is blog, and they should be categorized as such. 


Setting Micro Goals 

Simply looking at macro goals will spin your head around, because you are now plagued, with this feeling of damn how am I gonna accomplish all of that? Setting micro goals, will help you to set up smaller goals within those macro goals, almost like steps towards completions. For example, if increasing the reach of my blog is a macro goal, two micro goals could be to produce 20 pieces of content per month, and connecting with broader platforms.  


Steps to Accomplish Micro Goals 

Taking it a step further (remember when I said I was a super planner lol), for each of your micro goals which are your smaller goals, you need to develop a plan of action/steps towards ensuring that you'll be able to execute that goal.  For example, if my micro goal is to produce 20 pieces of content per month, a couple of steps could be 1.) determining when to post the content, 2.) determining what type content to post, and 3.) determining the theme of the content. Here, these steps should be written in a way that allows for and guides execution. 


Illustrate Progress 

I am a check the box, cross it off the list kinda gal. Its something about being able to physically see progress that helps me not only feel accomplished, but motivates me to keep going. However you are developing this document, please develop a way to track your progress/what you've actually accomplished.


Ways To Hold Yourself Accountable

Weekly Check-Ins

Pick a day of the week to check in. Sunday's typically seem like good accountability days, so use these to go back over your goal sheet. See what you've been able to accomplish, see where you left off last time, and what you can make some room to knock out in the upcoming week.  



I'm sure you have at least one friend who is similar in spirit as you about their goals, propose being accountability partners with them. Maybe at the start of your phone conversations before gagging about your weekend, spend five minutes touching base on goal-oriented progress. 



Niggas change everyday B, so I understand that what I put on my list of goals at the top of the year, could very well be something I'm not even interested in by April. Check in with yourself, and take off the goals you know you won't be interested in, to keep them up to date with you. 


Hopefully you were able to take away something from the above that you'll be able to utilize in planning out what your 2018 looks like. Also, keep you eyes peeled, because another helpful digital download is coming your way soon! 



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