While I am sad the season is over, I have contentment in knowing that I don't have to see Charlie's Bordelon's hard headed ass on my TV for a while. In the below, I will NOT be discussing Charlie because she's irritating as fuck. What I will be unpacking though, is Ralph Angel and Darla's last hoo-rah, the celebration of Black families, and interdependence with Wood and Vi. 


Lost Ones + Darla & RA

The pool scene between Darla and Ralph Angel is reminiscent of the scene between Nova and the cop as well as Issa & Lawrence on Insecure. However, for this closure, it wasn't quite the happy ending I was hoping for. 


While watching RA get out all that he's been wanting to say to Darla, I unconsciously hoped that he'd take her back and take on Blue as his own. I even heard flashes of my Maury watching days say "this is still your son," but is it fair to even place that level of responsibility on him, when she took away his choice? In the end though, hearing RA refer to Blue as the "blood in his veins, even if his blood ain't in his," made me realize that he can still have his son, but that doesn't mean that that welcoming has to extend to Darla.  


On the other hand, I'm not sure if Darla was beat down and defeated by her conversations with Hollywood, Charlie and Nova, but I wanted her to say so much more. I wanted her to fight, I wanted her to help him understand why. To be honest, if she bumped them gums just right, he might have taken her back, because he was looking for understanding as well. He was looking for a semblance of something that made sense to him, to justify that deadly of a secret. 


Lastly, let's give Kofi Siriboe his flowers for his incredible performance not only tonight, but throughout the entire season and for the free eye candy! 


Celebrating Black Families + The Bordelons

Throughout the entire season, I have admired the way the Bordelons have come together to celebrate both life and each other. Often times when Black families are portrayed or captured, its in this broken fragmented light. We are shown tearing each other apart, and fighting battles against each other, instead of with each other. 


What I love about the Bordelons portrayal in Queen Sugar, is their ability to work through inter-family issues to arrive at a solution, and also how they've separated individual issues from that of the family, so that they aren't perpetuating stereotypes within. 


This episode, it was especially important to see them come together and smile through the pain. Black families typically don't know how to deal with or heal from pain, and we certainly don't find ways to celebrate while at our low. Queen Sugar is a show that reveals so much truth, and counteracts "old school" ways of thinking, with a more intersectional and modernized approach, for that I am grateful. 


Interdependence + Hollywood & Vi

I have never been the person, to look at someone else's relationship for the outside and screamed #RelationshipGoals. Hell to be honest, there isn't anyone in a relationship near me that would even make me desire the kind of love they have. 


And then there's Hollywood and Vi, who the entire town adores, because they are the visual representation of interdependence. In all of the relationships that I've both been in and seen for the outside, there is never a balance. There is always one person who gives the most and gets the least, and for that I've shied clear of dating for a while. 


However, for the past six months or so, I've been intrigued by the idea of interdependence. Which, refers to both people in a circle of both giving and getting, in a way that they are both fully supported in all of their needs. 


When Hollywood told Vi about his settlement, in which she responded "we're rich." He quickly replied "we rich in love, and in each other. Money can't do nothing but make that better." My ice pump of a heart warmed when he said this, because it's true. Not many people will find a love like Wood & Vi, so for now at least we can live through their depiction of Black love on Queen Sugar. 


I had so much fun, unpacking and creating dialogue through Queen Sugar this season, and I already can't wait for them to come back. Even though the season is over, that doesn't mean the Goon TV Analyses have to stop. I will be back, every Thursday starting next week, to bring you all analyses of Black-ish. Stay tuned! 


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