In the past few years I have been both adamant, and intentional about my peace and space. My space is so sacred to me, that beyond cleansing it spiritually, I have been purging or transforming negative energy in my life. 


I remember in an interview of Taraji P. Henson, she mentioned how negative energy was a dark cloud that would eventually rain on you. Wanting to stay dry, I started evaluating the catalyst for positivity that I could manifest within, and realized that it was positive energy itself.


The Law of Attraction is the idea that like energy attracts like energy, whether that be physical or metaphysical. It's the notion that if I put positivity into the atmosphere, that I'll get that back in return. But that ideology isn't limited to positive energy. 


I like to think that I can find the silver lining in most things these days. However, keeping yourself on a positive track is only half the battle, since we share this world with others. 


When we dig deep, and uncomfortably go through a period of growth and arrive on the other side, we forget to empathize with those who aren't there yet. As if we ourselves weren't just in the same space. Beyond empathy though, we developed tools and roadmaps that we used to get to the other side, that could be shared with those still trying to understand their map. 


Being the observant people watcher I am, I've found that people only respond one or two ways to someone not doing something the way they perceive to be "correct." They either talk about them negatively, or remain silent. While I have my days, my focus is usually on solutions. Being solution oriented, I believe that all negative energy doesn't need to be purged, yet it could be transformed.  




There are people who have had terrible experiences that have simply soured their outlook on life. They have taken in so many negative stimuli that, they may genuinely believe that there is no good. Yes, while they may bring your damn day down sometimes with their energy, they are still good people who may have simply fallen on hard times spiritually. 


This would be a person I'd help to transform their energy, and what I mean by that is to help them find their inner calm. I feel like negative energy is only permeable if you're susceptible to it, and it harvests on those who can't tune out the noise. Since saging, meditating, yoga, and finding inner peace, it takes quite a bit to knock me off my square. So introducing them to similar techniques, and helping them to a glass half-full perspective can transform the root of their negativity. 






Then there is the person who gains energy from negativity. The one who can't seem to keep a positive friend because misery loves company. The one who has friendships built off of the dislike of someone else. The one who doesn't congratulate your successes, but are quick celebrate your downfalls. This negative energy, is one that you don't even want in your cross hairs, let alone try to transform it. This person is miserable, and they need to be purged immediately.  


While I'm working on empathy myself, I think that a part of becoming our best selves is to spread light and help others do the same.  

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