I am typically very discreet about what I have coming down the pipeline and the moves that I make, but in the spirit of transparency I wanted to open up, in hopes that my honestly can help someone else. 


Today, its so easy to get caught up on only looking like you have it together, instead of actually having it together. So I want to show, that none of us knows what the fuck we're doing, and that's okay, but it doesn't have to stop us from figuring it out. We must understand though, that that part is a journey. 


We have these social constructs/societal norms that helps us shape our goals until we learn what our true goals are internally. Corporate America on the outside is glamorous to some, but the internal view is much different. Even my first few months in, I knew this wouldn't be my end game.  


So transitioning into a new corporate position, I wasn't surprised that after only a month in, I found myself in a space where I knew, that this would be the last structured position that I would take. What I didn't realize though, was that the transition would happen so quickly. 


Today marks the last day at my corporate job, and the first step into the unknown of full-time entrepreneurship. In a short time, I'm very proud of how far B. Bad has come, with me only dedicating 15-25% of my time, and I'm excited to see what it will look like with 75-100%.


But I don't want this transition  to look like simply a business decision, I also feel like I've been running 200 mph nonstop for the past six years, and to be honest, I'm mf tied! Therefore, I'm also utilizing this time to rest and refill my glass. 


Next month, I'll also be to deepening my understanding of businesses logistically, in an online MBA in Entrepreneurship program. I schemed on this plan for months, and it felt like the right decision to make the transition I've always wanted to. 


I feel so happy and devoted to my journey. I'm excited to learn, grown and expand, so much that I would like to take you all on the journey with me, by keeping up with my From Corporate to B. Bad vlog. This new professionalism vlog, will be put out every Monday here, and on YouTube, I hope you watch! 




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