In the world we live in today, mama may not always know what's best. In 2017 -  and especially for those of us who's parents just aren't hip to the game - it is extremely difficult to explain to them what our goals are. Understanding that you're parents always want what's best for you, but it is quite difficult for them to even begin to comprehend what, what's best for you looks like in the world of technology and social media.


Given that, I feel like we as millennials have this immense pressure placed on us to have goals that promote security over happiness. So much, that we have presubscribed to this notion of climbing the corporate ladder in hopes of achieving happiness the higher you go. However, that presubscription has placed us in a space where our goals are unconsciously not our own, but I've decided to reclaim my goals and make them mine. 

If you've been rocking with me for a while, then you know that I am huge on identifying and understanding your purpose, as well as knowing yourself. Without these two pieces, there is no point in reclaiming those goals on your own terms, because you won't know what they're for. 


Understanding your purpose, and I mean truly understanding what that is at the core of your being, will lay a strong foundation for anything else to come. When you understand why you were placed on this earth,  you will be able to form a vision on how to execute that mission. When coupled with knowing (and loving) yourself, you will be better equipped, and positioned to walk in your truth. Empower yourself, by getting armed with these two pieces and the hardest part is out of the way.  

When you are so in-tune with who you are, it has a way of quieting outside voices of external influences, that you may have once been susceptible to. Equipping yourself with the confidence you need, and ridding yourself of the fear you once had, so that you can move forward.  


As cliche as it may sound, truly take a look inside and think about what your wildest dream are that align with your purpose and allow for yourself to walk in your truth. To use myself as an example, I know that my purpose is to help people, and I've bucketed that into multiple categories, but we can use storytelling as an example. For storytelling, this is conducted through 1:1 conversations, blog posts, the podcast series, freelance writing, public speaking, etc.  Just by identifying one sector I can utilize to live out my purpose, I've also found multiple streams of revenue that align with just that.



Here, I'm more so speaking to goals that align with career objectives in oppose to internal/life goals. While I'm not saying that security isn't important, what I am saying, is that security looks different today. Security to me looks like having multiple talents that align with my purpose, but are also streams of revenue. It's okay to be practical, but as long as that practicality doesn't hold you back from taking that leap towards being your best self, and a part of that is to not be selfish with those talents.


As millennials, we have the joy of being able to be our own business. We can work from anywhere where there's an internet connection, we can spread our influence through light and energy, we can help save people from themselves by living our lives out loud. But most importantly we are cleaver in that we have found a way to not only reclaim our goals, but reclaim our lives by living out our truth freely, unapologetically and happily. Reclaiming your goals isn't just about your goals, it's about reclaiming yourself and unsubscribing from that presubscribed notion.

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