At this point, from a societal perspective we can't shake social media. It has shaped the way communicate, commentate and learn. However, it has also reinvented the way we perform some of our daily tasks, from our news consumption to checking the forecast. 


With each new development or installment of our favorite social media channels, there is this increasing need to broadcast and showcase your best self, in the form of a caricature personified by an "@" name.  


When I began to digest how much we rely on social media as a means of validation, it was disappointing to say the least, but my hands aren't clean here either. 


While I understand that social media is a carefully curated highlight reel of who we perceive to be our best, coolest, most unique self; I am yearning from some authenticity, holistically. I have witnessed first hand, people in parties only "turning up" when the record button is on, and then retuning to a comfortable seat until the next capture, this is what bothers me most. 



There is so much life our there that is waiting for us to just live it. We cannot be encapsulated by only living sharable moments. Become so consumed with living that you forget to share every moment of your world for the cool factor. If we are posting to be cool, then the question becomes who are we trying to be cool for, and why? Why are we placing our value in likes, shares and views? 


Lately, I've been probing myself to truly dig deep and understand my true, honest intentions behind every facet of my life. By asking why, and says who, and why again, to determine if I'm doing something for myself, or for the ways of the world.  




I'm also learning the power in taking time to lay low - living in the way of the 2017 land, not having a moment to share could potentially interfere with you personal peace, which shall always remain protected. 


Lastly, per last week's blog post, I encourage you all to live authentically by telling your truth. We are all going through something, that could be a little easier if talked to or even knew of someone who went through something similar. 


So live, live your life, unapologetically and authentically.




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