I’ve found being hyper-goal oriented to be both a blessing and a curse. Often times I look at those who take the days as they come, with a yearning to be able to live more in the moment like them. Throughout my undergraduate collegiate career, I would tell myself that if I worked hard now, I could play and lay (up or around which ever I so choose) as much as I wanted to later. When I finished undergrad, and started working full time while attending grad school, my mantra became this is a temporary set back for a permanent set up. After I finished grad school, I then set my sites on growing my brand, blog, and finding a new job that fit into my “new” lifestyle. Once I jujjed up my blog, created a plan of attack, and got the new job, somehow I still find myself thinking that it’s lazy to rest.



But ironically, by just typing and reading that paragraph I feel fatigued. What I’ve realized, is that when you’re hyper-focused on your goals, your sight is set so far in the future, that you fail to live in the now. Additionally, by not living in the now, you’re failing to even acknowledge all that you’ve accomplished.


I’ve even found myself not being able to accept compliments regarding my accomplishments. With the mental confine, that because I wasn’t exactly where I’m headed, that I can’t even take the time to celebrate the now. Which I believe stemmed from a fear that celebration would leave me feeling complacent.



But now, I look back on that and realize how much pressure I was placing on myself, and the further I get in my self care journey, I’m understanding that that’s not healthy.


When you are hyper-goal focused, majority of the time you are placing them first, even above you. With that though, I’m not saying shake your hustle. I’m saying shake your balance, because balance is what will keep the both of those in a healthy space.


Find the balance between working and resting, while allowing yourself to be human in that moment, without thinking you’re lazy. I always always always say it, but you can’t work if you don’t work. So take that time to love on yourself and fill your cup, so that you can be recharged to grind even more if you so choose.




In regards to acknowledgement though, meditation, self-reflection and self-love are helping me to get to this point. Sometimes you just have to sit back and truly reflect on how much you’ve accomplished, in opposed to how much you want to. This reflection could leave you feeling fulfilled. I’ve also found treating myself after an accomplishment, to be a moment where I can actually revel in that achievement. If that treat is a physical item, every time you look at it, it might even reminder of the reason why you bought. Be intentional about loving onto yourself, and allowing for yourself to relish in your success, because you are phenomenal, and you deserve it. Don’t allow for the mental confines that you’ve placed onto yourself, to block you from actually experiencing the greatness that you’ve dreamt and achieved.




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