Even though I blog, podcast, and keep up my social media channels, I am still a very private and sacred person. Yoga is one of those things that I’ve been dying to get into, but I didn’t document the first three months of my journey. With social media, so many things can become over hyped, and we all know that people become caricatures of themselves to impress their followers. This yoga journey was very different for me though, I want to spend every second engulfed in it, and not just posting about it, so that people can perceive me to be a way.


With that caveat out of the way, I'll be very honest and say that I've never been the girl who went on a jog for fun. But after the consistency of playing sports in high school faded as I went to college, I've been looking to find a workout that I actually enjoy. Coupled with the fact that mind is always 2-3 years ahead of the game, and my busy schedule. I wanted to find something that could relieve stress as well. 


What I love most about yoga is that it's a lifestyle. I will be the first to admit that I am not 100% comfortable with my body yet, so the idea of going to a gym and working out in front of other people has never been of interest to me. However, with yoga, there is a very specific energy that is set, and expectation that is stripped. During your practice you are only to worry about what is happening on your mat, and to listen to your body. It is also made very clear that the movements shown by the teacher are mere suggestions, and can be modified at any or every point. 


This is what makes yoga so amazing to me, is that it's entirely about you. In the beginning of each class, you start off in a comfortable neutral position, whether that be child's pose or simply seated. This is when you meditate, focus on your breathing, and find your center. There are also moments throughout the practice where you can come back to that neutral position. Then fast forward to the end of class, when you lie in your final resting position, shavasana. Unlike leaving a workout class where you may feel banged up and tired, I leave Yoga feeling refreshed and energized. 


As a result, meditation is probably the biggest gem that I have taken off the mat, and into my daily life. With how crazy life can get, and with our minds moving a mile a minute, we rarely carve out the time to think about simply nothing. This has honestly caused for me to not experience the physical signs of stress that I am typically riddled with, such as headaches, sore backs and random colds. 


Yoga has given me the space to learn my body, to become self aware, to find focus and losing a few pounds in the process is definitely a nice cherry on top! So if you're like me, and regular workouts aren't quite your jam, and you lead stressful life, I would definitely encourage you to at least give yoga a try, as I believe it has changed my life.



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