I believe that one of the ways that allows for us to expand our mind, and widen our perspective is travel. There is so much awareness that takes place once you leave what you are used to, and embark on a journey into the unknown. However, most people don't realize that there is a difference between traveling and vacationing. 


In parallel paths, there is this idea that it costs tons and tons of money to travel. I’ve had my friends look at my 2016 travels, and say one day. But I always give them the caveat that it doesn’t cost a lot to travel, and that they can too. Stemming from that, below are a couple of tips to help you travel on a budget. 



Timing is important. Naturally, there are times during the year, such as summer, where pricing is more expensive, because more people are anticipated to travel. Be sure to understand these nuances prior to planning your trip.


Additionally, the timing of your purchase is important in keeping your cost down as well. The earlier you purchase your flights, cruises etc, the cheaper they will be.


The Where & What 

I'll open this section with saying, you can't be bougie if you don't have shit. With companies like Airbnb and Spirit airlines, the days of spending thousands of common folk dollars to travel are over. I really want yall to erase the ideology out of your mind that you are "too broke to travel." I've mentioned some specific tools below, but not staying at hotels, not bringing actual luggage (as in packing light for flights where luggage is not inclusive, which is almost always cheaper than all inclusive flights), and not needing a pop and cookie on your flights among others will cut your costs down. 


One of my go-to's when I get the itch of the travel bug, is to think about what cities your have friends or family in, and who you haven't seen in a while. If you're able to find someone to house you, who you wouldn't be a burden to, then you've already cancelled out a third of your expenses, and only have to worry about your transportation and spending money.  


As a sub-point, travel doesn't have to mean beyond state lines or via flight. Traveling could be driving to a suburb and staying at a bed and breakfast. 


Be Patient 

If you are in the process of planning your trip be patient, and don't feel the need to book everything in one setting. One thing that I use often if Google Flights , which is a flight aggregate site, but it also tracks the prices of the flights and will alert your when the price of the flights that you're watching have increased or decreased. If you see that the flight goes down each Tuesday, then come back in a couple of Tuesday's and purchase then. 


Also be sure to have patience when it comes down to finding the best deals or the best means of travel. If you see a package on Groupon, actually check to see if it'd be cheaper to purchase each element yourself etc. Do the leg work, unless you have the luxury of coins, in which case this post wouldn't have appealed to you anyway. 


When you get to town, don't always rely on Uber for transportation. Take a look at the local transit system, even when splitting the Uber's costs, this may be a cheaper option. 



After Airbnb received some backlash regarding backlash, Black owned company, Innclusive was created as a resolve. 


Airfordable, is a Black owned company that allows for you to basically put your flights on layaway. 


Lastly, be sure to checkout my friend Shyrah's blog, Trill Talk Travels as she backpacks through Europe...alone, and Travel Noire for a ton more tips. 

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