As we head into Black History Month, I want to share a couple of reflections:


1. History is NOT Limited to the Past Tense.

Black people are making history everyday, and we would be remiss to only celebrate those who made a difference pre 1975. In light of this I will be highlighting a Black Women each day in the month of February to showcase those who are #BlackHistoryInTheMaking.


2. Documenting Your History

It is no secret that if we don’t document our own history that we will get our noses blown off. So I will forever tip my hat to the Ava Duvernay’s of the world, who make it their mission to show us where and what we’ve come from. But in the spirit of documenting your history, please take the time to learn it. I can only sit back and imagine how powerful we all could be if we knew our own history. Also, not being a fan of reading is no excuse, there are plenty of free documentaries on YouTube that highlight great stride in black history, below are a couple of my favorites: 


Black Power Mixtape 

Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution


3. Do your OWN Research, and Formulate your OWN Opinion

It is so easy to get caught up in a bandwagon mentality and way of living. To be honest I believe that this is exactly what they, - and please catch my drift when I say they - want us to do. However, in this Donnie era that we've just moved into it is so incredibly important for each and every last one of us to keep our eyes peeled. Ask questions if you have them, seek clarity from a professional, and internalize that and process it on your own before tainting it with outside opinion. 






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