With today marking the start of Black History Month, I just wanted to send some reminders of what not to do this month. 


1. Asking the dreaded question: “Why don’t we have a month?”

In the words of Auntie Soho, “Just be glad you got the whole wide world, this us, this shit is for us” 



2. Acting Oblivious  

I've found that often when wypipo are uncomfortable they choose to act as if the root of their discomfort does not exist. But just as we were not taught our history in pre-collegiate courses, neither were they.  So take this time to learn something, expand your mind and seek understanding, rather than jumping to defense.



3. Appropriating Our Culture

Never is there a good time to appropriate ones culture, but baby, let me forewarn you that no one is exempt the entire month of February. Please keep your coco colored tanning liquids, boxer braids, and kinky curl tutorials to yourself, please and thank you.



4. Not Letting Us Celebrate 

We let yall have Presidents Day, Independence Day and Columbus Day without a peep. Ok yall got me, we talk MAD shit on Columbus Day. However, the difference between Black History Month and Columbus Day is that one of them are grounded in truth and an accurate depiction of events. But I’ll let yall decided which is which.




5. Not Learning/Thinking Beyond Martin

In the public school system (from my perspective) we are taught about MLK and Malcolm X in sort of an antagonist, protagonist way of thinking. We are given this narrative oppressively for us to not be empowered by the embodiment of strength that Malcom X was, but for us to be weary and afraid of doing what he did. Wypipo, when you are looking to do some digging if at all this month, please pick up a book on anybody other than MLK, and tap into a narrative that is opposite your own.





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