Today has been dubbed national ditch your new year resolutions days. So to combat it all, I've created a list of four thought starters to help keep you on track for your 2017 goals. 


Stop Going Through Other People's Social Media Pages and Comparing Lives 

Trust me when I say I know how tempting it is, to just take a peak around someone else's page for inspiration or what have you, but sometimes down the line it can leave you with that comparative feeling. I always say this, but you can't compare someone's highlight reel to your entire journey. While you may feel like you are gaining inspiration, focus on external ways to seek it, that don't require other people. 


Revisit your Goals

Are your goals attainable, actionable, realistic or overwhelming? Did you create an actual list of goals, or just a vision board? While making a vision board can be a first step towards becoming inspired and empowered to take on the new upcoming year, it lacks detail and accountability. I know that by now everyone has heard of SMART goals, These goals are specific, measurable, realistic, and timely. If your goals for 2017, aren't tapping into each of those buckets, put some more work into them. Your goals should be as detailed as possible, and they should include an action. Also make sure that you are continuing to hold yourself accountable by adding in that timely component. Set deadlines for yourself, and see sure that you are meeting them. 


Create a Detailed Plan of Attack 

After revisiting your goals, and gut checking where you are in relationship to them, figure out if they need to be reworked. Your goals should be looked at as a plan of attack, well at least that's how I use mine. For me I created several categories of goals, to suit my pursuits. There's a personal section that focuses on internal growth. The professional section has been broken down by project, and content ideas have been converted to a calendar, so that I can hold myself accountable. This list also includes a carefully articulated plan of attack, Including the who, what, when, where and why's when necessary. The more detailed and thoughtful you are here, the easier it will be to stick to it. It's so difficult to get things done when you only have an idea of what you would like to do. This is where creating that detailed plan of attack comes into play. 


Be Solution Oriented

I tell people all the time to be problem solvers, and to think smarter and not harder. When you are creating these goals or looking to fulfill them, identify any possible issues. If you are looking for ways to consistently produce, and promote content, have you created a content calendar? Are you scheduling your posts ahead of time? In what ways can you make the process easier, so that it isn't so strenuous, or mentally taxing? Begin to think about what systems you can put in place to make the process flow more smoothly. 


Hopefully at least one of these thought starters helped you to think of ways to pursuit all that you have in store for 2017, so instead of ditching your new year resolutions, refine them, and stay on track!










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