College seniors with your final semester upon you, I want to share with you three things about the transition into the job force that people don't tell you. 


LONG ass days 

There are some long, and I mean LONG ass days. There are days where I look up, and it's 9 pm, on a Friday. Aside from the abnormally long days though, being in a structured environment from 9-5 is taxing, both mentally and physically. Even though in undergrad you're extremely active, you still very much so play a major role in creating your schedule. Which essentially allows you time to break up your day and your week. You get to sleep in some days and have random Tuesday's completely free, so the shock of being confined into a predetermined lifestyle, is so real.  


Cultural Assimilation 

Boy is there a mask that you have to maneuver beneath at work. As Black women, we find ourselves becoming a caricature of images combating stereotypes. Smiling so that you can't call me out on my RBF, or being overly nice so that you can't refer to me as the angry Black woman. It's exhausting. Truth is, unless you are apart of the majority, you will have to wear a mask of some sort in order to "assimilate" to the companies culture. 


Fear of IDK WTF I'm Doing 

Idk about anyone else, but the fear of simply f*cking up is probably one of the most nerve-racking parts about starting a new job after college. You know that college is supposed to prepare you for that job, but you also realistically know, that the majority of what you do will be taught on the job, leaving plenty of room for error, and that's where the panic kicks in. Just know that this is perfectly ok, and expected. You also have the "I'm New" card to play, so lean on it and ask as many questions that you need.


As much as you may have grinned in college, it doesn't compare to wear and tear of the 9-5 lifestyle. So while I realize that you are so ready to graduate and move on with your life, I am begging you, to slow down and enjoy the now. It is highly likely to be the last "break" you get, so keep that in mind and live it up before you step into adulting and all it has to offer. 

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