I have seen a ton of posts showcasing 2016 as the villain, and discussing satirically, what things should be left in it. So in proper preparation for the new year, I wanted illustrate what poisonous behaviors should be left in 2016, and what I will be taking with me into 2017, in order to better equip myself for what is to come. 


What I'm Leaving in 2016 

Comparative Language 

I can't even begin to explain how dangerous comparative language, is in the age of social media. It looks a lot like this "while yall are over....I'm over here...," and please please please, if you see this kind of language from an influencer go in the opposite direction. This language is dangerous because you can start making mental cues of it, and fall into the trap of "their IG life is better than my real life."


Ain't shit niggas 

Listen, I started off 2016 with a founding member of #WasteMyTime2016, and quite frankly it was one of the best things that could have happened to me, because it sent me into a period of self-discovery, but I'll discuss this more in things that I'm bringing into 2017. However, it also taught me was soooo much about my self-worth, which in turned showed me that ain't niggas will never again be allowed.


Anything that doesn't align with your brand 

We are all anxious to take our brands to the next level, and to connect with the right audiences, but please be aware of alignment. If something does not support the mission of you or your brand, then leave it n 2016.


Negative Energy 

In 2016 I have been hyper in-tune with vibes, and a part of that, is being able to sense and control what type of energy you want around you. I remember in an interview, Taraji P. Henson described negative energy as a dark cloud that is eventually going to rain on you. That struck me because rather we notice it or not, negative energy is very easily transferable. So, negative energy and negative people should be left in 2016.Your space is so sacred, keep it as such. 


Focusing on others and not focusing on self 

I know this girl who has literally every last drop of tea on everyone else, but doesn't have any of her professional or personal life where she'd like to see it. While passing up a cup of tea may be difficult, I would suggest making 2017 about you and you only. Be so focused on your goals, that you don't even have time to be concerned with others and their "business."


What I'm Bringing into 2017 


For some reason, it appears to have been forgotten that you have to work hard for success. Some people feel as if something is owed to them, and that everything they desire will just fall into their laps. However, success is not free. Sometimes you have to create opportunities rather than just wait on them, but above all you must remain hungry.



While I have a very Type-A personality, I do understand that there are a lot of people who aren't organized and live life sporadically. If this works for you, that's excellent, but what I will say is that this type of planning, or lack there of can be potentially harmful to your brand or business.


Love for self 

In 2016 I encountered the fuckyest fuck boy that I had ever met. Though I thoroughly despise him, I am soooo thankful for all that I was able to learn about myself. Catapulting me into a journey of self discovery and self love. I can write an entire series of content illustrating the importance of self love. For me self love if the root of every external relationship. It serves as a blueprint for how you not only function within them, but also what you will allow/accept. Self love is literally being in the deepest form of love with yourself that you ever knew existed. It's about understanding, and I mean truly understanding yourself. Every nuance, every hurt. It's about searching deep within and finding the root of it all. Having unconditional self love is being unbreakable. Once you have that, it's difficult to be deeply wounded by any person, answer or set of words.



This is one of the most important things that I diverted attention to in 2016. Taking self-inventory is about internal reflection. It's about understanding who you are, and how some of you ways may be problematic. Self inventory, will cause for you to not point blame, but instead reflect on how you ended up in your situation. However, the best part about self-inventory, I think at least, is healing and ideating solutions moving forward.



I found myself falling into the cycle of accomplishing something and then immediately moving on to the next conquest. I don't see anything wrong with that cycle, except for the fact that I consistently failed to both internalize that accomplishment, and celebrate it. This, will allow for you to fully digest the weight of what you've done, and to understand how truly amazing you are. Trust me, the feeling is incomparable.


Spend some time in the final days of 2016 focusing on what lessons it brought you, and how you can use those to your advantage in 2017. Think about what your goals are, and get really granular. What are the categories of goals? Are they personal, professional, internal, entrepreneurial? Then put some thought behind what strides you can take to get there, and what you can do now to get ahead. 2017 will only be bad if you make it, so make preparations, hold yourself accountable and body the new year!



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