From my perspective, expectations are one of the leading causes of disappointment. Which I believe stems from people holding others to their same system of beliefs. We know it, but we must actualize that everyone is different, and operates by different standards than our own. 


My sister has always preached to me this concept of meeting people where they are, but it wasn't until this year that I fully understood it, and applied that ideology towards the way I function within my relationships. 


Meeting someone where they are, is taking a mental note of who they truly are at their core, deciding whether you are willing to deal with the nuances of their personality, and lastly processing their actions through that understanding. 


If someone has a naturally dramatic personality, can you really be upset with them for overreacting about a situation? This is where meeting someone where they are comes into place. Its about being able to understand a person so much, that you begin to discern why the operate in the manner in which they do. 


At the end of the day, it's about protecting yourself and saving your emotions for when its time to truly be upset. Which refers back to putting yourself first and taking care of you. Whether that be mentally, emotionally or spiritually. So, in 2017 this is why I'm meeting people where they are. 


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