With Thanksgiving tomorrow, I wanted to lend some tummy comfort as you approach those awkward dinner table conversations. Contrary to popular belief it is more than okay for your interests to change. Millennials are often criticized for job-hopping and wanting more than just a place of employment. We are no longer in a generation where our jobs are just for everlasting security. The reality is that we don't have to follow our parents outdated job ladder, and we don't have to make lateral moves in search of happiness. Sometimes a compilation of our interests ladder into the perfect job on their own.


You don't have to have a traditional career to be successful

In many Black families we are pressured to be doctors and lawyers because those are the careers that they know to be successful and lucrative. But in the age of influencers, YouTube, social media and increased entrepreneurial interests, our parents and grandparents have little to no understanding that we can create a career out of just about anything that makes us happy. So never feel bad that you aren't able to articulate your goals to the elder in your family, or anyone for that matter.


Your vision is NOT for the world to see 

What has also continued to pull me through is understanding that not everyone has to see or understand my vision for it to be valid. External validation has to be one of the most crippling factors to growth. If you work your entire life to travel down a path that someone else wanted you to walk down, one day you're going to wake up and wish that you did you for you, so why not start now?


Don't let someone else's fear keep you from taking risks. I tell this story all the time, but when I decided to move to Chicago after my sophomore year of undergrad everyone was afraid for me, and very few saw my vision. It took for them to see me meet and exceed each of my goals, for them to finally see what I envisioned, granted they were supportive just scared shitless. Now my parents tell me that going to Chicago was the best move that I could've ever made, and I certainly agree.  


With Thanksgiving tomorrow, don't feel pressured to have it all figured out, or to force everyone to understand your vision. Find peace in knowing that you're either well on your way or that you have an understanding and are not in need of external validation. Just let them know that you're working towards where you want to go, and if that fails clap tf back!






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