After taking a day to clear my subconscious, I wanted to share some things that helped to shape my thoughts after Tuesday night’s devastation.


Time & Space

One of the most important, positive and impactful things that we can do in times like this is to take care of ourselves. For me, a piece of it was understanding that just because this happened right now doesn’t mean that I need to process it in this moment. So take this time to understand whether or not it is healthy for you to process it in the now. Additionally, while thinking about the when, you must understand where are safe spaces for you to process and deal. Though it was the biggest news story, and thus table talk at jobs, doctor’s offices, cafeteria’s etc., doesn’t mean that you have to chime in, listen, or deal in that space. Choose which is right for you, I’ll be dealing and healing this weekend in the comfort of my own home, with wine and sage on deck.



We are stronger than our enemies desire to keep us down, if we weren’t so powerful then they wouldn’t try with every breath to break us, but we will forever be resilient.


Use this as fuel and motivation to become your best self, not only for you, but for what you can offer to our society. I had a conversation with my 11 year-old niece last night who was devastated, and even asked if history (in regards to slavery) could repeat itself. Part of what I told her was to use this tragedy as a mile marker along her road to understanding what she’s interested in, and what type of career she’d like to pursue. So that’s my charge to all of you, whether you have a passion for or are in the field of politics or not, what is it that you can do specifically to shape our reality? As difficult as it may sound, we must have more people who are reflective of us in positions of power, and filling seats at the table.



Being Black is lit, I’ve never in my life been more proud than this very moment to be a Black woman. One of my best friends/muse reached out to me yesterday to do a temp check, and I asked her what she was doing to stay afloat? Among other things, she let me know that she was engulfing herself in Blackness. Reading Black literature, burning sage and being Black. It led me to think and to reflect on the Black voices that have carried us through hardship in history’s past.


I’m Sway, so I don’t have the answers, but I wanted to help guide you down a road of peace and positivity during our darkest hour.

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