Mediocrity has different definitions and benchmarks depending upon the person processing it. However, mediocrity for me in regards to a person, is doing nothing great, additional nor contributing positively to society.


When I was in the eighth grade, a man told a group of students to "show me your friends, and I'll show you your future." That quote has always stuck with me because of its validity. We are often heavily influenced by those we spend a great deal of our time with. Though we can all muster up some intrinsic motivation, those external factors are huge drivers into what it is that we do, and how well it is that we do it. 


When I see my girls going hard and doing amazing things, it inspires me to go further and push harder, even if I may feel that I'm already at the top of my game. But what happens when you're the only person on your team "winning?"  Who's going to fill your cup when you spent your last drop pouring into your circle? But most importantly why would you let your friends occupy space in your circle with mediocrity?


You shouldn't, but that doesn't mean play them to the left. 

What someone wise once told me is that sometimes you aren't placed in places/spaces for you, but for the people around you, to feed off of your energy and become inspired. With that alone, it has pushed me to continue to find a way to inspire, but most importantly to help those around me.


Friends don't let friends be mediocre, for a multitude of reasons, but the first that comes to mind is because my circle is sacred. My space is so spiritual to me, so I have to make sure that they're all good. If you truly care for someone, you should never let them wallow in mediocrity. Push them until they too see the level of potential in themselves as you see in them. 


Friends don't let friends be mediocre because its a diservice to them, for you to occupy space in their circles and allow for them to not be their best, because after all you are serving a space in theirs as well. 


On the back end though, I'm struggling to realize that you can't gage someone else's work, upon your work ethic. But the least you can be in their journey, is someone who doesn't allow for them to be mediocre.


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