Why your Degree isn't Enough

If everyone else around you has a degree what makes you different? The truth is that college isn't just about taking classes, and "miraculously" being qualified to complete the work in your field. It's about gaining a culmination of knowledge through various activities, membership in organizations and withholding leadership positions within your time on campus. It’s about building meaningful relationships and even learning how to build and maintain them. College is about being uncomfortable, because nothing amazing has ever come from a comfort zone.  


Those that I see killing the entire post-college game are those who were involved and used their time strategically. When you don’t have work under your belt, your reputation is all that you have to speak for you when you are not present. This is one of the reasons why I am such a huge advocate for branding yourself. Your involvement and your network can certainly add to this conversation.


As for those who joke about needing experience to get it, experience is free, and doesn't always have to be in the form of a full time job. Volunteer your time and create your own opportunities. Want to be a journalist? Start your blog, etc. Living in the age of technology has taken away our ability to make excuses. Too many people waste time waiting for the perfect opportunity to fall into their laps, or knock on their front door.


Having a degree used to be a differentiator. Your degree isn’t enough, because they are no longer far and few. However, what is far and few in the eyes of the older generations, are those who like to go above and beyond. Those who are willing to hustle and create a way out of no way. Whether this means having multiple internships, strategically aligning with organizations and networks that can catapult you into the industry, or even creating your own company or brands to showcase your skillset and play by your own rules. This is what can and should accompany your degree to ladder towards your endgame.

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