Now I'm no psychologist, but I think that one of the biggest fears associated with changing a particular behavior or a lifestyle is public perception. People chuckled at Draya when she said "your hoeness can be deleted," but I think that she might of been on to something.


People know/remember you by what you do right? And they remember those behaviors because they happen consistently correct? So what happens when you switch up and start being who you've always wanted to be, unapologetically, and continuously? They may never forget the person that you once were, but they'd have no choice but to make note of and hopefully respect the switch up. 


This topic is near and dear to me because I now despise the person I once was. All through grade school I didn't get the best grades, I wasn't the smartest or even the nicest for that matter, or at all. Despite all that I was not, I have always been a leader, for good but often for bad. 


Deep down inside though, I had a longing and a desire to be more positive, to help people and to turn that leadership into being the role model I always knew I could. Sometimes it's easier to be something different once you have a change of space, as mine came once I went away from undergrad. However, sometimes that change of space can be mental. You have to break yourself out of worrying about public perception. 


Everyone who knows me knows, that I couldn't care less about what others think of me because I live my life for me and through my purpose. Of course societal pressures are huge, but when you lay your head down at night, and when you look in the mirror each morning, you have to be comfortable with whatever version of you that you are living and presenting to the world. 


So maybe Draya was right, your _________ can be deleted! 

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