During the first episode of Bbad Bits: The Podcast Series, Sevonna Brown discussed the concept of calling in versus calling out, as it pertains to teachable moments within Blackness.


Calling out is suggested when you have a dangerously incorrect opinion about something and you are sharing that on a public scale, and thus you are called out that way. Calling in is a little different, its a handle of care and an act of love. Calling in, is something that she described as offsite and one on one. 


Calling out can be in public or on a public platform, and it's intentions are so that the public can consume the truth, or at least have a differing of opinion to weigh out what's fact and what's false. 


Calling in, in is when you want to educate the ignorant, and do it in way that makes them truly understand the concept. Sevonna discussed that this could be my physically teaching them something, or sending them articles, a combination of the two and others just like it. 


When thinking about these teachable moments, use your discernment when deciding to call in or call out.


Check it out here.  

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