Every person should have a power circle. A power circle the group of individuals that are close to you, understand your vision, believe in you and are able to be a sounding board for your ideas. 


I use my power circle, as a listening ear, a critical eye, a reality check when I need one, a tissue when I'm emotionally inconsolable. They are also no men, those who won't just tell you exactly what they think you want to hear. Another thing that my creative circle is not, is envious, negative or have improper intentions. 


When creating your power circle, one must be sure to include each of the following:  


One you can bounce your creative ideas off of 

This is the friend who is able to help you exercise your creative liberty. She elevates your creativity, offers suggestions to help elevate you. 


A Muse: One who is so amazing that she encourages you to be better

This person is just the absolute most amazing person ever, her drive and her commitment to success pushes you to thrive. 


One who is never afraid to tell you no 

Everyone needs a no man. Everyone needs that friend who isn't afraid to question your vision, intentions, or even if you're doing your best work. 


One who is always a shoulder to cry on and offers sound advice 

As much a irrational advice may be welcomed when you're upset, sound advice is so important. This is someone who will wipe your tears and give you the motivation to move in a different direction once your eyes dry. 





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