To this day I struggle with understanding that everyone is different. It sounds so simplistic in theory, but we always try to apply what it is that we would do, how we would handle a situation, or how much we can throw on our plates, onto others.


The idea of understand bandwidth, is understanding how much weight you can carry and how much of a load isn't too much before you've reached your limit. This became so clear, when I spoke with my best friend about her plate, and I referenced the infamous "you have the same 24 hours in a day as Beyonce," and she replied, "but I have to take it day by day." 


It was something so profound in that answer that intrigued me to write this post. I naturally place a ton on my plate, with the mentality that my older self will thank me, and that I'll never have to hustle this hard again. Bandwidth is understanding what you're willing to risk, for what you're wanting to gain.


However, what we don't realize is that not everyone has that same ability. Not everyone is willing to, nor is it healthy for everyone, to live a stress filled life, with achy backs and constant headaches, from their workload taking a physical toll on them, and that's more than ok.


What you are able to endure makes you no less or no better, but what it does mean, is that once you are in tune with this bandwidth, you're more in tune with yourself, and what an ideal plate holds for you. When listening to people's woes and giving them advice, don't think about what you would do, but instead try to look from their vantage point with the understanding that all bandwidths are not the same.



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