One of the things that set apart the great from the mediocre is doing. As simple as it may sound, the act of actually doing is what takes an idea from the ideation stage into fruition. Many people are afraid of what others may think when they put out their product or content, and on the other hand some people get in the way of themselves, with self-doubt. I’ve always said that there are three types of people in the world: do’ers, thinker’s and those who watch from the sideline and cackle. Don’t allow yourself to solely fall into the category of being a thinker.


The fact that you already have amazing vision and are able to think of complex concepts should be your indication to take them beyond your brain. You should feel compelled to share your magic with the world and use it for the enlightenment of others.


One thing that helps for me to act on my ideas are to physically write out a course of action that would be needed in order to complete the idea. Secondly, commit to it, like truly commit to it and then act on it. Lastly, I like to bounce ideas off of my power circle (my core set of supporters, that aren't comprised of simply yes men). These people are always honest with me, they challenge my weak ideas and heavily praise my great ones. This feedback can also show you what public interest for consumption may be. 


You owe it to yourself to be great, take those ideas off paper and turn them into products, content promotions and essentially inspiration for those within reach. 

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