Going along with the theme for this week, learn how to be your own advocate. That's probably one of the biggest lessons that I've learned to date. Often times, as millennials we work hard to fight against all of the stereotypes, and prove gen x'ers and everyone else wrong. Especially when it comes down to what they perceive to be entitlement. In our parents generation, they took jobs and picked-up trades for security, and typically viewed those jobs or occupations as the be all end all for their career aspirations. 

What everyone fails to realize about millennials is that we are do'ers, we seek fulfillment, experiences, giving back, and creating change. We are not comfortable with mediocrity or complacency. We don't just play the game, we change it or we create our own. And because of this thinking, we realize how much value that we add to society, and thus knowing our worth. 


Entitlement isn't asking of what you deserve. Don't be afraid to demand what you require, strategically of course. But the sentiment is still the same, because NO ONE will advocate for you the way that will, no one but you can fully actualize your vision in way in which they can articulate it for you in its entirety. 


Speak up and advocate for yourself, even in positions in which you believe that you are voiceless and  powerless. Of course you need to build relationships so that others can advocate for you when you aren't in the room, but that too is a a form of self-advocation. 


This goes hand and hand with having confidence, because that's what leads you to the ability to advocate for yourself.


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