This  will be a quick one, but I wanted to follow-up with a couple of bits from something that I posted on Facebook this morning. Which was that "not everyone will be happy for you or want to celebrate your successes, navigate around them. No need to babysit egos."


When you are in tune with yourself and vision, and are making intentional strides towards achieving your goals, you will see that those you considered friends will stop celebrating you, they will stop being your cheerleaders, and they will no longer clap for you. And trust me when I say that that's okay, because for as many "haters" that you have, you will have enough true genuine supports including you to keep you afloat.  


Not everyone will be confident and comfortable enough within themselves to be able to cheer for you while feeling incompetent and sheepish in comparison. Often times they will criticize your work without offering adequate solutions, if any at all. They will utilize every opportunity to take a jab at your craft, and none of the many opportunities to praise it. When speaking to you, they will be sure to give updates on everything in their lives, and take over the conversation once it becomes your turn to do the same. 


Please steer clear, and as I said before, it is not your job to babysit the egos of others.


Everyone who knows me on a personal level knows that I will break my own back to make sure that anyone I interact with is reaching their full potential, by offering up myself as a resource or by reaching into my network. 


When this happens, don't bother, as it is in most cases a one-sided issue between them and themselves. Always stay gracious............

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