I can’t stress enough the importance of perspective and confidence. Not only in the workplace, but in everything that you do. Perspective is the ability to see through the smoke, which will eventually allow for you to come out ahead on the other side. And confidence, well confidence can take you places you’d never though you’d be able to go. But before I jump in, confidence is a humble self-assurance not to be confused with cockiness, but to some can be often perceived that way.

Growing up, I always heard the typical "Brittany thinks she’s all that", and "Brittany thinks she’s better than everybody." But what no one could understand is that I was born with the confidence to be able to tune out the naysayers and turn my vision into a reality.


However, even though I’ve always been extremely confident, this past winter is when that changed. I was placed on a team with multiple minorities, so foolishly I assumed that they all would have my back in the agency. To make an extremely long story short, I was target by a trio and experienced for the first time bullying in the workplace. I was laughed at, spoken to consistently in a completely condescending tone, and above all told that my work was horrible. And even though I had known since I was a junior in high school that I wanted to pursue a career in public relations, I found myself questioning the trajectory of my vision. I began to question whether a career in public relations was for me, or if I was even good at it. At that time, I reached one of my lowest points to date.


Given my natural confidence I have the ability take what one person says with a grain of salt, but because it was three, to me that meant that it was a "thing."


After the project was over, I was moved to a new team with new teammates and literally slayed! There, some of the top people in the agency would email me just to tell me how amazing of a job I was doing. I was given real tasks and was actually owning things to truly be able to show my chops. It was then, when I realized that I was a threat.


Now before I lose you, I know that as women, a lot of us decided to immediately jump to the conclusion of “they hatin’ on me,” but sometimes a spade is really just that. A spade.


Once I was able to shake the self-doubt off of me, I was able to shift my perspective. Here I was, 22 years-old at one of the top agencies in the industry, where I had a job offer at before I walked across the stage, pursuing a graduate degree and was seemingly slaying. And not only did/do I have the capability of working with the general consumer market, but given my interests and background, I was also able to service the multicultural consumer market as well. Now on the other side, they were five to six years removed from their undergraduate studies, had been at multiple smaller agencies prior to landing there, and did not have degrees beyond their bachelors.


Now I’m not saying that to say look at me I’m better, but I wanted to show you want reinstilled my confidence to prevail, which was my shift in perspective.

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