The age of social media has given everyone the ability to be in the know, and especially when it comes down to your and your business. Facebook especially has given Auntie I’ve never left my hometown and Uncle I don’t have a breadth of experiences the opportunity to weigh in on your glo.

To start, whenever I do public speaking engagements or have come to Jesus talks with my girls or anyone. I let them know that if they ever have a big idea that they want to bounce off of someone, to just pick up the phone and call me. For starters, you can’t bounce big ideas off of small thinkers.


People will project onto you what they believe that they themselves are capable, or typically incapable of achieving. They will fill your head without so much doubt, that if you aren’t careful it can permeate into you.


For a quick example and I have many, but when I decided that I wanted to work full-time in the industry while simultaneously pursuing my masters, people asked me why? Why would you put that kind of stress on yourself? You do realize that that’s going to be a lot of work right? I mean, why not go to school first, or why not give yourself a couple of years in the industry before doing that? As if I had not sorted through all of the possibilities because I arrived at a final decision.


If you don’t know me very well, one thing that you should know, is that I am very calculated and I live by the phrase “chess, not checkers.” Needless to say, I am nearly 75% completed with a program that was designed to be taken in two years, in a year and a half. But if I hadn’t seen through the smoke, I’d be looking at programs now wishing I had listened to my first mind.


Not everyone will see your vision, and you can’t expect them to. Hell, in fact it’s probably best they don’t. But the most important thing is that you have to have the confidence to navigate through that criticism gracefully, and come out on the other side.


When receiving advice, I always tell myself “take what you want and leave what you don’t,” and it’s as simple as that. Regardless of the advice or criticism that you receive, ultimately the final decision is yours. Don’t give up on your vision just because the person you’re talking to was too afraid and gave up on theirs.  

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