Before the night is over, I would like to introduce you all to my newest baby, B Bad Bits: The Video Series. Since graduating and even before really, I have had the pleasure of mentoring and meeting with a lot of students to give any advice that I had for them in order to aid their journey in breaking into the industry.From there, I’ve been asked to speak on various panels. What I have noticed, is that a lot of students have the same if not similar questions. With my personal mission to put my people on, and to make the next generation better, I’ve decided that it’s time for my voice to heard on a broader platform. This is why I created B Bad Bits: The Video Series, and later, B Bad Bits: The Blog Series.


B Bad Bits: The Video Series, will serve as a 6-part mini video series detailing various topics on how to break into the industry. One video will be released on Wednesday's until April 6th, so head over to BBadBlog.net to check out the first video Who is B Bad?, and please pass along to anyone looking to get a jump start on their career!


B Bad Bits: The Video Series,


Who is B Bad?

Branding Yourself

Networking & Network

Search & Outreach/Applying

The Interview 

On the Job


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